Character Contest Submission | Sculpture bust design

Peter CooperPeter Cooper ✭✭✭
Hi everyone, 

I've decided to do a practical sculpted creature bust for my contest submission. 

Attached are original design ideas I've created this past week. (digitally created.)
I'm thinking mostly about the bigger shapes and the kind of creature I want to create (where's my mindset??).
It would seem my head is currently in the realm of large cranium and long neck territory...  :)

(Apologies in advance for the lighting, I was experimenting with artistic mood etc.)

I'm happy enough with the design ideas I've blocked out, they are purposely loose and basic just to get an idea out. I just need to choose which direction I want the sculpture to go. Looking forward to it! Undecided whether to go 1:1 scale of 1:2 scale. 

Open to feedback! 

Thanks for looking. 



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