Creating Pharoh statue

Hi guys,

I’m jan, I love create statues, These days I’m doing pharaoh statue, I like ancient statues, I haven’t much knowledge for this. If anyone has any good suggestion on what to use for scales and which material best for this, Please help me to improve my ability.

Thanks guys.


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    Hi Mobjan,

    The material you make your statue out of will depend on a number of factors.  Do you plan on molding and casting the statue, or will your sculpture be the final piece?    If you want the sculpt to be your finished product a couple options would be a bakeable clay like Super Sculpey or an epoxy clay like Magic Sculpt.  If you plan on molding and casting your finished statue you could use any type of clay or sculpting medium you are comfortable with, or take it as an opportunity to try a new one.

    Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by scales?  Do you mean a fish/reptile like scale texture, or the size of your sculpture?

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    Thank You @Chris Ellerby
     I mean My Scalpture size, However thank you very much for your valuable advice. I bought Clay box and I felt It's easy to handle, Thank you very very much again.

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    The scale of your project will depend on your budget, the impact you want the finished piece to have, and your physical resources (space to build, tools, materials, etc).

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