Hologram Storm Trooper

So here is a quick Hologram I made with that "Storm Trooper" James Wright shared.

Nothing special but here is the link if you want to give it a look.

Hologram Clip...

password: SWS

Video Clip Used... 
password: SWS


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    I've got a good projector. Gotta grab a steamer.
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    That looks pretty good! I'm going to have to incorporate that into my shot as soon as I get the steamer. Thanks for doing that!
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    That turned out nice. I look forward to seeing what you are going t
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    James WrightJames Wright ✭✭✭
    edited January 2015
    Here is the first test. It needs some work. I think a different projector will help (this is one of those up-close things and the angle is weird.)


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    Second test. This one is much better I think, but I want to shoot something else and get another steamer with a thinner stream I think. The clothes steamer I got for 30 bucks was a waste of money....


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    Got all my equipment in a few days ago and ran a few projector tests. Ran two sets of tests:

    The first set of tests I ran using some footage I shot last week in front of a green screen and edited in After Effects (using Holomatrix with the default settings - didn't want to get too crazy).

    For the second set I used some test footage from Video Copilot's Portals tutorial that I modified to create a ghost for the haunted house my brother and I run every year.

    I was really trying to create a spooky haunting effect, and I think it worked but I need to figure out how to set up my space better in the future to really capture it at the correct angle without overwhelming projector glare. A better camera would help too, I shot this on my brother's crappy Nikon Coolpix since the XL2 was a bit too bulky for the space I had available.

    It didn't really come out the way I wanted but it's coming along. I'll likely keep trying until I'm more satisfied, but in the meantime I want to get on to the reverse motion effect.


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    Good stuff. Kramer would be proud :)
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    Jon RoyJon Roy
    edited August 2018
    nice suggestion to all posts.anyone help me please!!! i want to use a good steamer for home but i don't have an idea about it's. so please if any person have an idea itself so please guide me.
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