My Bull T-rex Bust

This is my take on the Bull T-rex , started out as 47lbs of Amaco Moist Pottery Clay X-15 , 19 hours from start to finish , hand painted with acrylic and airbrush paint. 
The start of New Bull T-rex 12-28-2016 , T-rex in back is 1st try in 1994 
Working on the scales 01-01-2017
Really liked how it's turning out 01-03-2017
He's coming together 01-08-2017
Had to make Teeth and Tongue 01-22-2017
We got Teeth and a Tongue ! lol  01-22-2017
Working on some Detailing 01-28-2017Got him Finished , Right view 01-29-2017Top view 01-29-2017
Left view 01-29-2017
Mounted and Finish 01-30-2017


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