Final critique

Please post 4-5 pictures of your finished maquette. The final photos must be posted by midnight PST Friday, Aug 9th if you wish to receive a certificate from the course.


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    So here is the final (are these ever really final?) rendition of my monster maquette.  There are things about it that I think came out OK, but there's a lot of room for improvement.  I'm curious to hear what others think.  My biggest complaint about it is that it is simply boring.

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    Say hello to "Mara" - a nightmare entity taking flesh and adapting form according to the fears of its haunted victims. It was my virgin contact with Chavant NSP and I'll need some more mileage before I feel confident using that medium but I certainly see the merits of adding it to my traditional toolkit. 

    It was really good feeling real clay on my fingertips so I refrained from using tools as much as possible. This year I decided to add digital tools to my sculpting kit which has been fun in its own way as well, but I have to say that it is far from beating the sensation of feeling real clay and seeing it take shape in the same space that I occupy.

    Thank you again for this class. It was a great surge of inspiration and a kick in the ass to get on with realizing my dream of turning sculptor and creature designer into a career.
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    A week later, and here he is.  I would have loved a little more time for doing some detailing work, but overall I'm quite happy with how he turned out.  I'm looking forward to trying paint on him next, tomorrow should be a fun class.

    I'd love to hear what you guys think.

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    Hi guys!

    Here is my final result from the class. Certain changes to the concept were made after the class. He is now holding a snake, the devil is often portrayed as a snake in myths, legends and religion. I think whats going on is fairly obvious. Perhaps Adam saved Eve, or perhaps nude snake wrangling is the shit in the deep south. 

    It doesn't have a "movie quality" finish in terms of skin textures, it's thought to be more of a fine art type sculpture. Perhaps to be cast in bronze or plaster down the line. 

    Hope you like it. And a shameless plug if you want to she more pictures and other works go to www.eirikarnesenart.wordpress.com.

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    So I couldn't upload the files here. But the pictures will be posted on my website so youcan check them out there!
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    ok so heres my creature concept so far. I didn't get to work on him as much as I would have liked to but im happy with where he's at for the moment. i guess i got the idea from just adding weird and odd shapes to the head until i saw something kind of freaking and disturbing.


    thanks guys


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    Here are my images  Thanks dk  And I will do a shameless plug as well.  www.davidkraig.com


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    Sorry  for some reason 4 out of the 5 image turned on me  is there anyway to edit??  Thanks dk
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    Hi everyone.

    Here is the work (so far!) on my character. He is... the trinket thief! 
    My girl friend has had her USB stick, silver rings and other
    bits and pieces go missing recently...  so... it got me thinking.

    In the darkness of night, perhaps during a full moon, a small demon, 
    a thief, comes out from deep within the walls and scavenges for... trinkets

    He is sculpted to actual scale.  ;)
    He's progressing well. I've made lots of anatomical changes since
    last weekend, but I realise after taking these snapshots, I've still work to do.

    His back is stiff, despite the dynamic going through his pose. 
    Lots of stuff isn't there yet. Would love to hear feedback from you guys.
    Reluctant to get into further details until I have the main structure working much better.
    Part of the problem is my current skills regarding approaches and techniques etc.
    That's why I'm on this course however.  I'll get there... practice , practice, practice... 
    Working with Chavant is growing on me. I'll be mold making next!

    I'll be using this fella as part of a character concept piece on a course I'm doing else where.
    It'll be interesting to see where he goes from here.

    This is my third proper sculpt so go easy!
    I've still alot of practice time coming my way...   :D

    All the best,

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    Not sure why they didn't upload the first time.  But I got it now.  

    Anyway, here they are...
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    Great work everyone!!! 
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    Well here is mine, I took the desision to throw away the alien, cause I dont feel so much inspired and also the sacale get out of proportions... So i began from zero with this piece about 1/6 scale,, inspired in "the thing" it is not really finish yet but with this piece I really feel very happy with the result.. Thanks ! Regards
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    I finally figured out how to get the pictures uploaded. So here they are. A little late but hopefully thats okay! Great work guys :-)
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    Hey Eirik, I'm digging the texturing finish you gave your sculpt. It gives your work a nice statue kind of look and feel. Are there any particular techniques you used to achieve that, if you don't mind my asking! 

    Nice work.
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    Hi Peter! No problem, ask about anything you want!

    It's just a very light pass with a saw blade rake tool that I made myself. I grinded down the teeth so they don't cut too deep. I use water to polish the clay a bit too. Chavant Nsp was actually made for the car industry, I think, so it can polished to a mirror sheen almost. A lot of the marks in the surface is just leftovers from the blocking out and refining steps.
    Thanks for asking :-)
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    Hey Eirik thanks for the response on that. I didn't know Chavant Nsp was originally used in the car industry either! It's been produced for 100 years+. Just been reading up on it's history via Chavant's own website.  hehe Really interesting!  
    I haven't tried polishing with water yet, I'll give that a go and see what happens. 
    I've still to make a decent rake tool! I'll get on that this week.
    Thanks for your surfacing tips, it's appreciated.  :)

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    I received my final crit from Jordu the other day.  I just wanted to say 'thanks' again for setting this up!
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