Looking for help with a Robot build for a film

Hello my name is Demetrius Hill and i'm a film director looking for someone to help me create a robot for my upcoming film. I have yet to start Production on the film as i'm waiting to see if this robot build is possible. The story follows the path of a crazed scientist named Dr. Snow who constructs a robot in his shed. I'm looking for the Robot to be human height at six feet tall, with a few very Bright LED lights. The robot won't be a walking robot and will only move with head swivels. When the film is completed i will be entering it in numerous festivals across and outside of the United states so its a good opportunity for exposure. I've attached a photo reference of the robot and am willing to discuss this project with anyone who wants to jump on board. I've also attached a link to my Youtube film page as well as my most recent short film. Thank you for taking the time to read this, its greatly appreciated. 

My recent short film: 

My film Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxgtjR2ZDZIzDROz4J-P3NQ


  • Out of curiosity, why not go with someone in a robot suit? Where are you planning on filming also?
  • Do you just want a moving head?  Do you desire moving eyes and face gestures as well?
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