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I'm back with more questions for my fathier costume, Stardust! This one is about the flocking fibers. I've found the website Flockit.com which most certainly seems like the only website (at least that I can find) that sells the longer flocking fibers for fur.
It appears as though I will have to custom order fibers because the standard length available appears to be too short for fur (looks more like the stuff for landscape miniatures which I assume it is). That said, the custom ordering requires a 1lb minimum and is $100 for each color, of which I'd probably need 4 colors (two shades of tan to blend, black and off-white). That's $400 for what also seems like far more than I would be using anyway, even with practice pieces. Do I have any alternatives for buying or do I just need to save up the $400? I'm a hobbyist right now and Stardust is basically just a character I want to bring to conventions and practice new techniques with, and while I'll be spending quite a bit making her, $400 is a lot of money for JUST her face. I'm willing to save up the cash (though I may put her on the back burner for a while until I'm making more money), but I want to know if it's really my only option before I commit to ordering all of it.

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    Hy Rayne,

    What you have run into is something that is a very common problem for makers, and one I myself run into all the time.  Many manufacturers deal in quantities far larger than we need for individual projects, and this is especially an issue when customization is required.

    One solution (not alway an option) is to find a group of people with a need for the same resource and a group order.  This usually means one person is picked to collect the money, place the order, break down the bulk order when received, and ship it out to all parties involved.  There is a bit more expense for all the individual shipping though, and sometimes this ends up being too much work for one person and things get... complicated.

    Another option would be to make your own fibers from a similar product and try flocking with those.  This could mean dying or cutting the fibers by hand.

    The option we never want to hear is to change the design based on what materials are available, but that's one to consider.

    Here are a few other flocking resources I found online.


    I would consider looking up contact information for the various flocking resources and let them know what you are looking for.  They may have some suggestions or know of other sources.



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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean to post this in Lab Work! I can't move it though D:
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    Thank you very much @Chris Ellerby ! I'm checking out those other two websites now and will contact them! I have one more quick question for you though regarding the "static" flocking. Is there a certain type of fiber it has to be in order to use it with a static flocking gun? I ask for the sake of ordering, and if I try to pursue making my own fibers, assuming I can use fur and cut it up into small fibers in some way (a shaver?)
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    Pretty much all fibers should be attracted by the static.  I don't know of any light materials that would resist it once they have been charged. 

    Yeah, you should be able to make your own flocking from fur or other fibers.
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