Pathways.. Great Idea but Text/CSV Download Please

David BoccabellaDavid Boccabella Moderator
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I really like the pathways feature however it would also be good if one could download a Text or Spreadsheet version of what courses fit in to the pathway.

Often I am talking to someone and they ask what courses on what 'pathway' are available and I would love to be able to show them and demonstrate just how much information IS on the site.

Previous there has been no way to get a list of all the courses available and what category they would fit in to.

Many thanks


  • The pathways do contain a list of all lessons that are included in them, but it's not in raw text format.  It has images, titles, descriptions, links, etc.  For example, here is the "Design Basics" page with a list of all lessons.

    What other formatting do you think would be useful, and how could that be used?

    Thanks for helping with suggestions!

  • Something more simple so you don't have to keep clicking. Something one can quickly print off to give to someone.

    Design Basics
    Basic Character Drawing
    Monster Drawing Techniques - How to draw a werewolf

    Many thanks
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