Sorry, you have used all your subscription credits for this month.

When does the month end?  I have viewed 4 classes total so far and have had the subscription for several months.  When does the month roll over so I can get 4 new classes?  My billing date is May 6.  So is that the date that it rolls over?  I would have expected it to be the first of the month for everyone.

It's a good plan and a reasonable rate, so I appreciate it. But at the same time I want to make sure I time the completion of watching a course so that I don't use up one of my slots to just watch the last lesson or two from a class from the previous month.

Thanks for any clarification you can offer.


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    Hi Michael,

    Your 4 lessons per month will reset based on your subscription renewal date.  This way you have a full month to view the lessons before picking your next 4.  Otherwise it could be possible for a student to start towards the end of the month and only have a few days before their lessons reset.

    Hope that helps, and we're always here if you have any questions!

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    Thanks.  Figured that was the deal.  I only have to wait 3 days to see part 2.  :)
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