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Is there an easy way to see all discussions regarding a particular course?  Rather that reask a question that someone else probably already asked - it would be nice if the discussion forum was categorized per course or if there was an easy way to be involved in a discussion for one course.

I'm currently watching "How to make a monster puppet - rod and cable puppetry".  He seems to skip some stuff.  I'd love to be able to look at all comments and discussions about this course with one link.  The link in the video overview just goes to the home page of the forums.

My complaint is that suddenly he's already made parts that are integral to making a rod and cable puppet work.  And then it's just "oh in between the last video and this video I welded these pieces and already made the armature."  The whole point of the class in my opinion is how to make a rod puppet.  Which in my opinion is how to design and create all the mechanical parts that make it work inside the puppet.  So designing those parts should be part of the course.  Instead we spend like an hour on the fiberglass mold making, which is good but is only one aspect of making the puppet.  Then he actually skips parts of that as well, like cutting the mold and knowing where to cut it.  He talks about doing 3 layers but I think we skip that so I'm not entirelly sure what that means.  There's no explanation of the chemicals being used or what they do.  More of an assumption that we already know how to do fiberglass, or that it's explained in another video that isn't linked to or referenced directly.

I get that some of the stuff is covered in other courses.  But if that's the case you have to tell us WHERE and link to those courses.  Compare it to the other class I watched on 3d printing an eye mech. By the end of that course I knew how to use fusion360 and how to design the eye mech and how to think about the design of the eye mech.

To be fair I'm only half way through the course.  But so far I wish there had been more actual teaching in this class.

Overall I'm very very glad this site exists.  Hopefully someone has some insight on how to at least seach and read through all the other comments on the class so maybe I can learn something from those.  Thanks.

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    Actually I see on the side links for a lot of web courses but not a link on the class I'm currently taking.
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