Streaming requirements

Hi, if I purchase the stream classes, can I watch the stream from an iPad? 


  • Terri,

    I've reached out to the team and should have an answer for you soon.  I've never tried streaming one of the live lessons on my iPad, but that sure would be great!

  • I did a bit of research and it looks like watching live streams is supported (by YouTube) on the iPad or other iOS device, both via Safari and the YouTube app.  One article mentioned you need to be logged into YouTube and subscribed to the channel that is hosting the live stream, but that article was over a year old.

    So technically, from a YouTube/iOS technology perspective, it should be possible.  But as I've not tried it myself I'll wait to hear back from the team before making any definitive statements!  And I'll also try and stream the next live lesson on my iPad to see what that experience is like.

    The Workshop level live webcourses allow you to log into a Google Hangout so the instructor can video conference with you live.  This may also be supported on iOS devices but I would suggest being at a computer in a nice quiet environment for that.  Being on a computer also makes multitasking possible, and many students at the Workshop level like to chat on YouTube with everyone else in addition to having their private Workshop chat room.

  • Thanks so much.  I have kids and its easier to hide with the iPad to view the web courses.  I'll use the computer until I hear more. 
  • Terri,

    I tested today's live streaming webinar on Silicone Prosthetic Transfer Appliances with my iPad, and it works great for viewing.

    The only downside is the live text chat is not supported on the iOS YouTube app, so you would have to submit any questions via email.

    I also tried loading the streaming URL into chrome (rather than safari) on my iPad and it does support posting comments to the live chat, but it does not display chat messages real time.  It requires clicking to show more comments.

    Hopefully YouTube will make future updates to their app to support the live chat functionality, but for now at least you can watch the live broadcast.

  • Thank you so much for all your help.  I know now that I can hide from the kids and take the classes in peace.  LOL  You're awesome.  
  • My pleasure!    

    I'm glad it works so you can enjoy the lessons!

    Now that I know this works I was able to stream the recent webcourse "Practical Magic: The Art of In-Camera Visual Effects with Joey Shanks" on my iPhone while getting ready/commuting in the morning.   We are officially in the future.

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