Is it possible to make a mold using plaster, after sculpting in a fiberglass mannequin head?

Hello, my name is Carla. I'm a begginer in sfx. :)
I don't have a facecast yet, all I have is a fiberglass mannequin head.
I have a project of doing a zombie gelatine prosthetic.
I intend:
1. to sculpt it on the mannequin face using clay and protecting with vaseline,
2. to build some walls with plasteline,
3. to make the molds using plaster,
and then make the gelatine prosthetics.
But I'm not sure if it works in a fiberglass mannequin.

Could someone help me? :blush:

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    I'll try to protect the mold as much as possible using vaseline.
    If it does not work I'll let you know!
    Thank you very much, Chris! :blush:
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