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recommendation for best airbrush to use with silicone. and how to clean.

Hi, I am currently studying for an MA in textile design and have been using silicone to create fabric. I want to airbrush colour.
Can anyone suggest the best airbrush for this kind of work? and also, how to clean your brush after using silicone.
Many thanks, the work here is amazing!

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    Hi Katja,

    What airbrush you go with will depend on a few factors.  Budget, type of effect you want (sometimes it's best to have double action, other times you can get away with single action) and if you have a brand preference.

    When I airbrush with heavier/thicker materials like silicone I like to use my Paasche H airbrush.  It's external mix, so it's very easy to clean.  Only down side it's it's single action, so you don't have independent control of air and paint flow while painting.  You can, however, adjust the paint flow by turning the nozzle and I use a small regulator on my hose where it attaches to my brush so I can also adjust air flow while painting.  I love the Paasche H as a "workhorse" airbrush.  It's great fo many jobs, just not super fine detail.

    When cleaning your airbrush you typically want to use a solvent that matches the material you were running through the brush.   Mineral spirits, Naphthalene (AKA Naptha), etc.   Smooth-On makes a friendlier solvent for silicone called NOVOCS that works as well.

    Hope that helps!



  • Chris,
    Thank you so much! It's been really difficult to get an answer to this! This is really useful. 
    Many thanks,
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