Maybe I'm late, but thank you for the pathways!


So I have not been able to watch many SWSCA videos recently. My life got pretty busy this past month... But now that all is fixed, I was more determined than ever to get working on my projects (still need to afford all the tools and materials however...).

I noticed the pathways when I logged in today. I was really hoping they would be getting here soon, and here they are!
I really appreciate those because I was not really sure where to start sometimes and there are so many options haha This will help me out a lot! (and I'm sure others too!)


  • Hi Mélissa,

    Glad you are enjoying learning pathways!  We're really excited about them as well!

  • Any idea if the possibility to earn certificate for pathways is still on the table?
    (I read about it in the FAQ before subscribing a while ago!)
  • Hi Mélissa,

    Certification gets a bit more complicated since we need to determine what we are certifying.  With the new learning pathways we could only certify that you have watched the lessons, not that you have mastered the skills or that you could apply them at a professional level.   Certification beyond that would require some form of testing and instructor review, which is something we are researching.  There are a lot of really cool possibilities!

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