Looking to create something AMAZING as my artist visage

What do you think it would take to create a prop-exoskeleton as part of an identity I am developing for when I get published?
If you need a reference, TwoHornsUnited  on DeviantART did his own plague doctor concept armors, but I intend to take such a concept a few steps forward and employ some design philosophies that can actually make this prop suit actually useful like cable pull and tension balancing to assist in enhancing physical movements slightly.

The concept is based around a "Crow of War" I created some time ago.  I don't have access to the sketchwork right now since it's all in storage until later this year.  Much of my work is centered around a crow theme, both in writing and art.  


  • Making the exoskeleton functional may be more work than it is worth, as without investing significant time and money any performance enhancements you would get from such an exoskeleton would be very minor.

    My suggestion wold be to go for the appearance of a functioning exoskeleton and making it looks as impressive as possible.  Attempts to make it functional would also potentially limit or dictate the design as well, so without that concern you have more flexibility with the design.

    Foam fabrication would be one good way to create at least some of the components, as foam is light weight and flexible, but can be made to appear heavy and rigid when needed. 

  • that'd be good too.  I only hope this doesn't take me too long to iron out the concept, I want this thing and soon, as my human identity just doesn't have the reach my artist alias does.
  • It sounds like a really cool concept.  I hope you can share your progress on it with us here!

  • oh I plan on it, trigger warnings be d*mned!

    Maybe one day, the age of the crow will begin and more people will don the feathers and armor and represent!

  • Hello. I want to do deer. About my sleeping sleds. But I do not know what material? It should be light. And be waterproof. Can you give me advice? Thank you! :) 
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