Oversize Robot: TON

Hey there :-)

I want to share a spontaneously project with you.

One day, when i was painting some Zombies with silicones, i decided to mix a new batch of Psycho paint silicone paint base. 
While stiring it, my eyes went though my Atelier and i saw a foam piece that talked to me: "Iam the hairline of a huge postapocalyptic robot which humps though the desert"

So i put the freshly mixed batch of silicone paint away and started building the robot head. Three days of crafting like a maniac without eating and irgnoring my mobilephone, the head was finished.

Build from stuff which layed around: Karonage from bananas, an old bucket, foampieces which layed in a bag, pipes which flew around in my atelier and two old kamera- objectives.
And of course, the light in the eyes must not be  missed. 

Here is it, the robot which costs me a batch of psycho- paint xD:

I hope you like it :-)

Greets [=

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