Walking With Dinosaurs spandex skin technique?

Hi, everybody! My name is Joshua, and I'm new to the art of making monsters. I am currently in the planning process for my upcoming Godzilla 2019 suit. I have been doing research, watching the "fabricate a monster suit" series when I can, and am starting to decide how I want to go about doing this. One thing I have decided upon, is that I want to use the same techniques used in the arena show, Walking with Dinosaurs. I want to make muscle bags filled with polystyrene beads, and most importantly, make a very realistic skin. I saw someone else's thread on here from 2014 asking about a similar thing, and a video was posted about a dinosaur created by the Chiodo brothers. All that was said, was that the skin was made from a spandex/silicone solution. I was wondering if anyone has since made any discoveries on how this realistic dinosaur skin is made? I am also trying to get this suit done before the movie comes out, so I don't have a lot of time for trail and error. I know, that's crazy, but I have hopes. Even a small amount of info can go a long way! Thanks! 
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