Trouble creating dinosaur puppets

I'm new to puppet building, but I'm working on a dinosaur puppet that I'd like to cast from a Maquette I'm creating.  I've run into a problem with how to properly cast it.  It seems its a lot different than making a mold for a humanoid as I keep hearing I should cast the head, body, arms and legs all separately, but I'm unsure how to get the armature to work for this.

Any help or tips would be appreciated.
Thank you.


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    Hi Kevin,

    How you break your sculpture down for molding will depend on your character's design.  Generally it's best to take features that are easily removable (arms, legs, horns, tails, spikes, etc.) and split them off the sculpture to be molded individually.  

    It would help if you have some photos of your character and more information about what your goals are for it.

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