Help for the Giant Robot Mech (Youtube Geek week) young brother ?

Hello guys !

I'm not from the SWschool, but I've got a project and I need some help from people who made de Giant Robot Mech.
I've seen the 3rd video on structural conceptions, and I wanna use similar system (as Skeletonics projects, I asked them some questions about my project, but the only ans I had was "It's possible"...).
Do you know if any blueprints or plans are still exist, could I have access to them ? Could I have any informations about it ? What tools attached for the arms rotates or bend ? And many others... I wanna try to make moves by bike brake cables systems (Don't really know if it'll be strong enough...)
It's a project for an Airsoft Juggernaut mech armor, to create some dynamic and funny sessions. Some kind of an AtomicPunk alien (the kind of 3 snail eyes) that pilot a great retro-futurism mech (A blend of Planet 51 tech, Lilo&Stitch, Fallout, etc.) to take revenge about some human accidents on his planet...

Thank you for helps and informations from France !



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    Those are some references for this : 
    The draw is my old basic concept, and the finalised is how big I would like the template to be (The pinterest one isn't from me, it's from the artist Jake Parker !)
    For the armor I wanna use some foam with clothes covering, bike inner tube rubber, and some aluminium tubes for the rigg.
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    First, your designs look awesome!  I'd love to see that storming an airsoft field!

    The Skeletonics mech designs are pretty much was was used in this and most similar projects, since they share common principals.  Sadly we don't have any public designs for the robot suit that was made by Legacy Effects.

    Usually the performer holds onto a handle inside the arm that is used to move and rotate everything.  You might be able to find some images/videos by searching for 
    Skeletonics examples and do some reverse engineering from them.

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    Thanks for your answers !

    Be sure that I'll post some pics during the process, and videos on games ! I read the recent post here concerning the 8 feet tall robot, and I think I'll take some ideas ! ^^
    I think I'm making strutures on PVC pipes more than aluminium, to be lighter and cheaper price, I hope it'll be strong enough to carry 5-7kg rifle and battle with larp weapons... I'm reading some posts to take the best extended fingers and arms moving freedom.
    A question : Do you have any idea to make the sphere's structure ? About 47 inches sphere to move arms inside (I would something light and strong enough to be able to carry it during all day)

    Thanks again for your quick ans' !

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    For the sphere you could try finding a large spherical shape to use as a buck, and form sheet plastic over that using heat guns.  Almost like vacuum forming, just with a lot more work.   Otherwise you could find sphere patterns online and make it out of EVA foam or L200 foam (probably what I would go with just for ease of use).  

    My buddy Evil Ted has some great templates over on his site:  https://eviltedsmith.com/downloads/foam-dome-pattern/

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