Dental vs. Nail acrylic

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I watched the how too advanced teeth class.
I was wondering what the difference is between dental and nail acrylic,   
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    Hi Athena,

    My understanding is that they are different formulas of acrylic monomer and polymer, but as I have no experience with the nail acrylics I can't provide too much info.

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    I am trying too find the ingredients for the dental I have the nail acrylic here at home...does anyone have or can send me a pic of the ingredients from a dental acrylic bottle? 
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    Micah J.Micah J. ✭✭✭
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    Not sure what the rules are here for posting websites but, here is where we get our dental acrylics:
    You will need polymer and monomer. They also sell the stains.
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    Thank you micah i will check it out right now
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    I know this is a late reply, but hopefully still helpful. 
    Dental monomer (the liquid) is MMA. It will cure super hard. It also has smaller molecules and when in the liquid form should not get on your skin. 
    Them nail salon monomer is EMA. It still dries hard but not nearly as durable as the MMA dental monomer. This nail salon monomer is safer for your skin (why they put it on your nails) and doesn’t smell as terrible, but In my testing, doesn’t have the same durability.
    The EMA (nail salon stuff) is supposed to be flexible/breakable. That way if you jam your finger the fake nail will break off.
    Before it was illegal for nails, they used MMA... and jamming your finger could result in the loss of you actual nail because the fake one ain’t breaking.

    If you have a well ventilated space and skin protection, the dental monomer is (in my limited experience) more durable and cheaper. Plus once fully cured, both are safe for skin contact etc.
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