Best air brush for a novice


I am looking to purchase an airbrush. I have no experience with this sort of thing. I am learning in my own. Mostly I apply makeup with color wheels but I need to be able to do a broader service with more detailing for some FX makeup.

I need people to recommend machines to me as if I don't know what you're talking about. Because I don't. Ideally if you have links to full machines that would be great! And also which paint to use?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi there,

    For broader work, I think most cheap air-brushes works fine and it also gives a good feel of how it works. However, for finer details, I would recommend a double action fine needled Iwata or Evolution. Personally I prefer Iwata's Micron (side fed) for detailed work.

    In other words, having at least two air-brushes is always good. one for applying base colors and one for details.

    Good luck, BR Oskar
  • Hi Kristina,

    When first starting out you don't need to go with anything too expensive.  There are some basic kits out there that have a dual action airbrush and compressor.  Eventually you'll want multiple brushes for different jobs, as Oskar mentioned.  Some are good for basing out large areas, others for detail.  But it's best to start with a general purpose dual-action brush that can do a bit of everything, so you can get a feel for things before getting more expensive specialized brushes.

    Pretty much every artist has a brand of airbrush they are loyal to.  Personally I'm a fan of Iwata and Paasche.  But don't be afraid to try a generic brand just to get started.  Just understand that it's something you'll likely throw away when you graduate to a higher end brush.  

    What type of paints you get depends on what you are doing.  Alcohol based airbrush makeup like Skin Illustrator is great, but there are also some good water based airbrush makeups. Just depends on the application and the effect you are going after.

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