Music Wire sizes for Bill Bryan's Hand Puppet - Plastic Bag Monster

Bill never mentions the sizes of music wire used in this tutorial, nor is it in the supplies list. There are many sizes so assistance narrowing it down would be very helpful. (also, this course isn't listed in the Discussion Category list)


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    Hi Penny,

    With effects like this you typically want the thinnest wire that still has the strength to achieve the effect.  As individual implementations will have different goals/requirements, the thickness of wire you go with is up to you.  That said, if you can get away with using a stronger wire than you need, that's one less thing to worry about breaking! :smiley:

    As for the discussion category, we changed our forum structure a bit so individual lessons no-longer have categories.  Our lesson archive is getting so large that it was creating too many categories to navigate on the forums, and it seems like a better fit to just open discussions (like this one) around the lesson when there are questions or things to share.

    Hope that helps!

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