Moving tail help?!

I want to make a moving tail for a cosplay, I have been working with pipe insulation and have got a moving tail so far but i want to cover it with something that won't destroy that movement. The tail itself has to be thin due to the design of the character like a cat or monkey tail.The character is Rin from Blue Exorcist. Should I try something different? I'm stuck!  Also I would love to keep the middle hollow like i have it now with the pipe insulation because I want to put lights in the tip (The furry part turns into flames)  though i think the insulation may be too weak to hold them... PLEASE HELP ME!!! Thanks~
(I don't own any of these images they are all from the show for reference on how the tail should look thickness wise)


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    One option would be to make the tail out of heavy gauge armature wire and cover it with faux fur from the fabric store.  

    How are you moving the tail, and what kind of motion do you want to get out of it?

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    Probably your best option would be to find a rather thick guage of "Memory" wire, or spring steel wire, (like 3 or 1 guage). Carefully, have it bent, then heat-treated to "re-set" the "memory" of the Memory Wire. The careful bending of the spring steel 'should' work-harden it to help it to maintain it's new shape, and springiness. With the Memory Wire, once it's memory has been re-set, it will easily keep it's new shape.
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