what are the grey balls mentioned in the puppet eye mech video?

in the building a puppet mech video bj hiolds up grey plastic balls as a example for eyes but referes to them as eva balls 
after researching eva seems to be the wrong material they seem more like resin and he says they only come in grey does any one know what there called or where i can purchase them 


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    Hi Neal,

    It's possible they are EVA plastic vs. EVA foam, though there are a number of other plastics they could be mad from, like PVC.

    My best guess is it could be a PVC end cap that had the sides cut away.

    The basic principal that he is showing there is that there are a wide variety of dome, sphere, or hemisphere forms out there that you can find to use for creating molds or vacuum form bucks to create your own eyes lightweight eyes.  Including examples that are not perfectly round like the "deviled egg" forms he mentions.

    Just for reference, the plastic domes in question are referenced in the lesson https://www.stanwinstonschool.com/tutorials/hand-puppet-detail-and-finishing-techniques-part-2-eyes-ears-noses-facial-hair/ in the "Creating Eyes" chapter at 04:50.

    If you like we can reach out to the instructor to get more information about them.


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