Are the animatronics necesary to create a poseable head?

Hello! I am very interested in making the animatronic head from the 4-part course. I am a student, however, and the materials list doesn’t look cheap. Does anyone have experience and could tell me how much they spent?

Also, for my sculpture, I only need my creature to be poseable. He doesn’t need to have any electric movement as long as I could move him with my hands between poses. Do you think this could work, and I could avoid buying $300 in servos? Never done anything animatronic before so this might be stupid but who knows.

I have to build the rest of his poseable body too so I‘m trying to save as much as possible wherever I can.


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    HI Temple,

    As I mentioned in the other post, if you just need the character to be poseable all you need is something like aluminum armature wire in the joints, or stiffer steel wire.  You can get more complex using ball and socket joints (like in stop motion armatures) if needed as well.

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