The WOLFman 2018

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This project is dedicated to one and only, iconic Rick Baker!!!!!!
It was shot in September 2018 together with FX Creator.
It was totally like a real movie session, night, real actors, and it was a FULL MOON NIGHT!!!!! And I was shooting together with a videographer with RED camera.
So, that is why all the style, colors and points of shooting were made as a real horror movie. 
All shot were made with Nikon D850. Processed with PS and LR.
Director / Photographer - Irina Skripnik
Video Slideshow Story - Viacheslav Skripnik
The WolfMan created by Vlad Taupes and Josef Rarach - FX Creator
The WolfMan - Josef Rarach
The Victim Woman - Lada Loontseva 
Materials: Foam Latex, PPI, SKIN ILLUSTRATOR, MEL Pax Paints, Bdelium tools, RCMA,
Session Organization - FX Creator
Videographer - Juan David Salazar
Assistance - Daniel Nemirovskij and Linariel Artlife

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