WED and Monster Clay alternatives


I'd like to ask for suggestions of alternatives for WED and Monster Clay. I have not been able to find any in nearby art & craft stores , and shipping for those products is really expensive here. I watched the workshop basic course and the only clay that I could find that was also featured in the course is Sculpey on Amazon.
But I was really interested in WED clay the most and I simply can't afford to have it shipped here whenever I need some...

So are there any alternatives that you could recommend that I could find in Canada?


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    Google searches might get you recipes to make your own WED clay.  WED and Monster Clay are very different, so if you are not looking for a specific type of clay it will be a bit more difficult to find anything.  There are alternatives to both though.

    Can you get Chavant NSP easily in Canada? That's a good alternative to Monster Clay, and is actually preferred by many sculptors.

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    I was looking for both WED clay and monster clay because I wanted to experiment with different types of clay (very new at this).
    I tried to look for Chavant as well, but didn't find any yet except from the stores that I mentioned where shipping is pretty expensive. The only kind of clays I seem to find are DAS modeling clay, colorful Polymer clay and other oven-baked clays that seem to be marketed for children haha Also spotted some clay that said Fine and Pottery clay, but there was not much info about those on the website and as I said, I am reaaally new at this. I wanted to avoid having to bake clay , which is why I was going more towards the WED clay.

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    Hoping we have some community members from Canada that might know what alternatives are available there!

    For smaller projects Sculpey, which is an oven baked clay, is very popular.  It should be available up there.  Other oil-based alternatives to Monster Clay might be "Prima Plastilina," "Roma Plastilina," " J-Mac’s Classic Clay," "Kleen Klay," or "Protolina" 

    I've not worked with some of those, but they are all common and in the same clay family so to speak.

    For WED clay I don't know which water clays would be best, but most should work.  The difference is WED has a stabilizer added to slow drying so you don't have to wet it as much.

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