Silicone tummy piece

I need to color a silicone pregnant tummy in two days and I have no idea who I'm matching as of yet but any advice would be greatly appreciated as I wont have much time to play around!


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    Kai RottmannKai Rottmann ✭✭✭✭
    Hey Brenda,

    you could try the Tim Gore- mixture with simple clear silicone from the hardwarestore, mixed "mega well" with (up to) maybe 500% naphta.

    I use that mixture, coloured with simple cheap oilpaints, to paint everything what cant be painted with acrylics. 
    You should add the oilpaints in very small amounts to your silicone- naptha base, without trying to make the color opaque. 
    I have done many and really hard stresstests without a chance to rub that off. On platinumsilicone also on latex. 

    Here is the Tim Gore lesson, where he mix his paints:



    Edit: Maybe you cant buy naptha like me in germany. I use "Waschbenzin" - (washing- petroleum) which should be the same like  "white-spirit" or lighterfluid. (i think)
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