Silicone tummy piece

I need to color a silicone pregnant tummy in two days and I have no idea who I'm matching as of yet but any advice would be greatly appreciated as I wont have much time to play around!


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    My advice would be to go with a lighter skin tone, as darkening it with makeup will be easier on the application day.  The belly is also not typically exposed to as much skin as the rest of the body as well, so it's common for the skin to be lighter there.  Just make sure your edges wrap around enough to hide the performer's skin (and keep those edges out of view)

    You should be able to splatter some alcohol activated pigment on it to darken it a bit using speckles.  (something like Skin Illustrator), though with the piece being silicone the makeup will eventually wear off, it should get the job done.

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    Doing the creative thing with make up on skin is quite easy.
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    Is there anything creative that we can go with makeup. :|:|
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