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I've a shoot in a couple days and am currently going insane trying to replicate Hannah Baker's suicide scene from 13 reasons why. I've tried using scar wax, latex, rubber tubings, plastic tubings. nothing seems to work. does anyone have any tips or know how it was done?


  • I'm not familiar with this scene, but if you can tell me a bit more about what you are trying to pull off I may be able to provide some assistance.

  • basically she slits her wrist vertically down and blood comes pouring out. And it's all done with one take. for us the wrist will be taken quite close up so it's difficult to conceal too much. 

    Here's the scene if you wish to reference. Skip to 1:30
  • For that type of effect a plastic/rubber blade is used that has been fitted with a tube to feed it with blood.  As the blade is dragged along the skin someone off camera is triggering the blood.

    The tube providing the blade with blood is hidden by the performer's hand and runs up the inside (away from camera side) of her arm and likely exits out the back of her shirt.

    When the wrist appears to gush blood that is actually being emitted by the fake razor.  No appliances or makeup is used to pull this off, so it's very inexpensive and effective.

    The key is timing and framing the shot.  

    For the blood delivery mechanism you can use a large syringe hooked up to rubber tubing from a hardware or pet supply store.  Just make sure the tubing is full of blood up to about an inch from the blade, so once you start the gag the blood is ready to go.

    If you want to go larger you can use pressurized systems like a fire extinguisher, deck sprayer, garden sprayer, etc.

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