Puppet forearm / bicep / shoulder help!

New to the forums and I am loving the information. I wasn't able to find this in the search tab, if I missed it my apologies. I have gone through BJ's videos about 500 times and I am just waiting for my foam to get here so I can put together all the parts I have finished. My question though. I was watching the NIKE Lebron and Kobe puppet commercials and I noticed that their arms are formed to have actual definition. Is that achieved by getting the arms done like BJ does and then add foam onto the arms to get that look? Or is it something that is done with a pattern and then cut that way? Any light on this would help so much. I have my body designed and head pattern done so if I can just get this arm definition done somewhat like those puppets, these guys will be finished! Thank you in advance for any help on this! 


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    My best guess is the arms are carved foam, and the fabric covering them has been glued down and formed over the muscles with the seam at the back or inside of the arm to help hide it.

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