Saran wrap 'skin' on puppet?

Okay, so -- as I am learning, I'm not super thrilled with the lack of smoothness on the surface of an upholstery foam dragon puppet head. I started it on my own before discovering this site, so...didn't know a lot of the techniques. Anyhoo...while I've coated the foam, it still has a foam surface texture (looks like foam if I try painting) so I'm wondering -- can I use saran wrap with spray glue to form a kind of skin (even a little heat from a heat gun to tighten just a bit? Will it take acrylic paint or would I need to then do a thin layer of something like creature cast neoprene rubber (I have the super flex, so it's very thing). I'm a little concerned that anything I use over it will just peel off and I'm not at all familiar w/ stuff like pax paint, etc. Trying to see if I can use what I have???

Again, TY!


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    Hi Melissa,

    To help with the surface finish on the foam you can gently sand it to smooth it out a bit.  It will still look like foam, but it will remove tool marks and uneven surface details.

    What have you used to coat the foam?

    Covering the surface with plastic wrap may work, depending on the effect you are going for.  When trying a new idea like that my advice is always to do a small test.  Get some scrap foam, get it to the same surface finish/sealed state as your character, apply any new processes you want to test, paint it, and then see how that paint holds up.

    A rubber coating like creature cast might also be a good option.  I've not tried it over foam, but I would imagine it would work well.

    When in doubt, do a small test! :smile:   

    And please share any results with us here, as I'm curious too!

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