Placenta/larva sack prop.

Any idea on how to make a placenta/larva sack? Ideally, the actor have to be able to lay in a foetus position into the sack. Something strong enough to not rip during the scene. Thank you :) 


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    What you pick will depend on the desired effect/look you are after, but if you are not looking to create your own from something like silicone, vinyl, etc. you may be able to use something like clear garment bags from a dry cleaner.  To prevent ripping you can layer them, or just swap them out as needed.   That said, as you are talking about putting a performer in a bag, make sure their safety is priority, never have them fully enclosed, and have someone on set who's entire job is just to watch over the actor.

    You could also fake a sack using clean painters plastic crop cloths. 

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