Very first project... ever

So the new year is here, I got home from work, and decided that today was the day that I would get past my nerves and just dig right in to what I hope to be a future career in monster making! After a couple of hours of forming and messing around, I actually have something that resembles my design sketch. I'm not sure if my process is correct or not, but I have a profile design of my creature and once I started sculpting I realized that I kinda needed some sort of front view or it'd be hard to finish my creature bust. So I had to stop and try and sketch out what I think the front view should be. (Obviously on any future projects, I'll try to sketch out as much reference as I can before I start sculpting)

After I got some clay on the skeletal base, I started "seeing" my creature and some of the forms started taking a shape of their own, and it doesn't quite match my initial sketch but I think i like the forms better on the bust than my original sketch.

Anyway, about 3 hours into this project, this is what I have. Please feel free to offer any suggestions or comments, but be gentle! Remember this is the first time I've done ANYTHING.

It's just a Sculpey bust.. (before any questions about "why sculpey?... I live in the midwest and the nearest art supply store to where I live is about an hour and 15 minutes away, and they don't carry a lot of different options. Super Sculpey, and Van Aken Plastalina were about my only options. I will have to use some internet resources if I want to use many other materials!)



  • Looking good!  Very creative forms, I can't wait to see what this creature looks like when its finished. 

  • Than , the first one ever need a good support , it looks like a very solid start :)
    the form is nice i am waiting for the new progress
    and have fun.
  • good work Nate
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