First old age makeup

Hi everyone, I thought I’d share my progress with my first old age makeup.
I’m 15 and I’ve been doing makeup for a few years, but I’m just starting doing more character stuff. Criticism and advice definitely welcome, I really want to get this right!


  • Alginate lifecast of my brother, corrected and ready for remoulding. I’m really happy with this, there was almost no bubbles or cleanup and it has great detail.

  • Master mould done! 

  • Awesome, can't wait to see more, keep it up!

  • Epoxy core done!!

    And starting to block out the sculpture
  • Blocked out the secondary forms and mounted on the core.
    Just starting on detail

  • Texturing!
  • Some pics of the final sculpt
  • Moulding time!
    I’m doing a matrix mould for this, just to use up the material I have. I laid a clay blanket
    Then freeformed a pottery plaster jacket

    I wrap the mould as it cures to make it harder and stronger. I demoulded, cleaned out the clay and finished off the sculpture
    Then I drilled bleeders and a pour spout in the jacket, mounted it back on the core and poured my silicone (about 260g)

  • The mould turned out pretty good... except for the giant bubble where I forgot to bleed the chin.
    To fix this, I filled in the bubble with water clay
    I then poured in some plaster, accelerated with salt and demoulded it
    then I resculpted the chin area
    I placed this back in the mould (with a pour hole drilled in the jacket and the area around the bubble released with vaseline) and filled in the bubble with some more silicone
    I still need to clean off some of the excess that got around the bubble (which is why I released it) but it gave me a pretty good quick fix. And since this area is gonna have hair on it anyway, I’m not too bothered if it’s not perfect.
  • Awesome progress!  Molds look good.

  • Thanks Chris! 
  • First gelatine test piece. The mould didn’t quite close, but it lets me see how the mould is

  • Looking good!  Looks like it closed with the right side of the face (left in photo) a bit high so that side is thicker.  Do you have keys to level out the core inside the outer mold?

  • Thanks Chris, the mould has large contacts in the nose and mouth that act as keys, and the silicone negative acts as a gasket to get a good edge.
    Sorry I haven’t posted anything in a while, I got suddenly busy with school and other stuff, so I’m not going to be able to apply it for a bit, but I still hope to at some point.
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