what should i do before watching online course

helo, newbie here. I just subscribe with basic course and i want to ask some question before starting

1. should we watch and practice at the same time? i have some of the materials but not all such as airbrush and compressor. If we should practice i am afraid im lack of materials.
2. can somebody help me what "must have" materials i should have while practicing (i want to practice about how to make prosthetic for Blood, Gore and Makeup Effect Part 1 (cut, wounds, props)
2. after watching 1 course, can we replay (and or paused) the same course again another time? (i only allowed up to 4 course/months)



  • Hi Irene!  Happy to answer your questions.

    1:  You are welcome to work along with our lessons.  That said, I personally like to watch the lessons without any distractions the first time, and then build along during my second viewing so I have a good idea of the entire process.

    2:  In terms of "must have" materials, that does change from project to project, and you can often get by without something or with an alternative in a pinch.  If you have a specific project in mind, I'm happy to give you some suggestions for what I think are must haves, and I'm sure other members of our community would be happy to chime in with their favorite must have items. 

    As you mentioned wanting to do basic gore effects, I would suggest starting with:  Liquid latex for doing buildups (make sure you or anyone you apply on don't have a latex allergy), cotton balls and tissue paper to help form structure, a gel blood for inside wounds, a general fake blood, some cream makeup pallets (Ben Nye is a good place to start) for coloring.  Their bruise wheel and flesh tone wheels are handy.  Some good makeup remover, makeup sponges, cotton swabs, translucent setting powder, powder puff, a powder brush, some basic cheap brushes (can even get cheap art store brushes just to start with), some nose and scar wax (not often used in the professional world, but inexpensive and good to learn with), and a stippling sponge for texturing.  That's a pretty basic starter list, but if you have specific effects you want to go for, or want to do any more advanced techniques I'm happy to expand on things.

    3:  If you are on a subscription plan that allows a limited number of courses per month, you can still watch the same individual course many times within that month while only counting as 1 course.

    Best of luck!

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