Schuftan Beam of Light

I really enjoyed the tutorial and have some questions. Kindly excuse my limited understanding..I am a beginner.
Can this effect be achieved using a non high-end a regular Canon camera or an iPhone?
Can someone explain the *rolling up and down of the beam* effect in greater detail? What equipment will I require for this?

Can we, possibly, combine the Schuftan 4th Dimension effect and the Beam of Light effect in the same scene?

Wishing everyone an amazing Thanksgiving.
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  • HI Rajoshi,

    The effects in the Mirror Magic lesson will work (for the most part) with less expensive cameras (like an iPhone) but you will have a bit less control over some things.

    As for using the "4th Dimension" and "Beam of Light" effects at the same time, I'm sure it's possible, but would likely be a very complicated setup since you are dealing with 2 reflections.   The 4th dimensional effect requires the camera be looking at a full mirror, and the "Beam of Light" effect requires a half mirror (allows 50% of light through) so you can overlay the reflection peppers ghost style.  With enough planning, and depending on your desired shot, I'm sure it could be pulled off.

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