Thinking of joining in and taking classes, but I have a few questions


I have been thinking about taking a yearly subscription, but I would like if people with experience with the classes can answer my few questions.
First of all, I'm on a rather tight budget since I am only working part-time. Anyone has an estimate of the costs for materials for sculpting,puppets and mechanical courses? I live in Canada and I'm having a hard time finding some of the materials listed such as WED clay and different types of Foam...I'm completely new at this so I do not have much in hands. I have all the materials required for any drawing classes and a few things for filmmaking (I studied traditional and digital art before) but that's it.
So if all of this is to be a bit too much over my budget, I'll wait or take another kind of subscription.

As I just said, it's all new to me, never did sculpting, puppets or animatronic before, but I am really interested in doing this. Just wondering if these videos are beginner friendly.

I think these are all the questions I have for now, but I would also like if any of you have reviews or feedbacks about Stan Winston school that you could share.


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    Hey Melissa :-)

    It really depends on what you are planning to do and which tools and materials are needed. 

    1. You could do some Gelatine appliances with brush painting techniques for maybe 100 $ (includes materials like some sculpting tools, oilbased modelling clay, plaster for moulding, makeup) or doing the same appliances in encapsulated
    silicone with airbrush paint for a tool investment of maybe 400$ + 200 $ silicone materials and silicone paint

    2. hand operated Foam Puppets for maybe 100 $ or rigged plastic puppets for maybe 300$

    3. Latex masks- brush painted for maybe 200$ - 250$ (includes all materials you need) or full silicone masks airbrushed with siliconepaints for 500-800$

    4. Robots from "trash at home" (great lesson) for maybe 50$ or a full animatronic robot head from steel for maybe 1300$

    5. Portrait drawing for low (because you have the materials) or a sculpted full silicone portrait head for 300- 800$

    6. Maquette sculpting with brush paint for maybe 100 $ or a puppeteered silicone maquette for 150$- 200$ only on materials

    7. Low budget stop motion film or high end digital filmmaking

    8. Low budget small creatures for maybe 50$ or a livesize animatronic foam/latex T- Rex for a few tousands

    ...and so on :-)

    Here at the SWSCA are many lessons which points on low budget projects. Even in the high end multiple silicone aplliance character makeup lessons were given tips for saving money. 

    So yes, here are beginner friendly videos. Even videos for no budget professionals, low budget producers and so on :-)
    I really think, that the SWSCA covers all situations, all skills and skill levels and all budgets.

    I hope that helps you with the decision.

    Have fun with your projects and never stop creating ;-)


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