Make a Sci-Fi Helmet Pt.2

I dig the information and everything. I just have to comment about the green foam... I personally HATE it. If you do use it, you will be amazed on how far you can go carving with a knife, a spoon, and using your finger to smooth. Don't be surprised if you find green dust everywhere, for years to come haha.


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    That green foam is indeed tenacious stuff.  Fabrication is messy work, especially sanding.  You know you are being productive when your shop (and self) is covered in a healthy layer of dust from foam/renshape/mdf.

    Some day you may experience the joy of chainsaw carving EPS foam in a 105 degree warehouse as a perpetual shower of foam beads cling to every surface with static.

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    I'm in Houston, I'll get the chainsaw out this summer haha.
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