Warhammer 40K Crimson Fist Space Marine/ 2018 Halloween Costume Contest

This is my first build as a cosplayer. So I decided to go big or go home.
This build took about a year or so of on and off work due to school commitments and studying. About 98% of the costume is carved by hand from EVA foam. the only pieces that I did not make were the skulls as they did not turn out well in foam. The foam was primed and sealed with Plastidip spray and painted with Rustolium spray paint and acrylics for the dirt and grime.

The shoulders are attached to an internal framework in the chest by a self machined ball and hinge joint to allow for a large degree of rotation. 
The pieces are held together with buckles and straps that allow for ease of motion and reduce weight.
I am currently standing on 13 inch stilts that allow for moderate ease of walking while providing some realistic sound to the entire piece. 
The entire height of the piece is 7 feet 2 inches.

There are still a lot of progress required for it to be completed to my satisfaction. I will progressively detail with paint and new techniques that i will and have learned.
I have planned a chainsword, bolter, and powerfist for additonal builds.

Credit to Syligan (http://www.obscuruscrusade.com/forum/index.php?PHPSESSID=aovn8tv1lhlhufhsk41qbgtup0&topic=1625.0), and  Pilerud (http://www.obscuruscrusade.com/forum/index.php?topic=1544.0)
They inspired me to do a cosplay and have done similar cosplays and have influenced me and helped me with some problems

Wizard World Con 2018 Illinois 

Chainsword lent by CosAwesome Studios for photos

Updated photo with addition of a few new parts (purity seals) and some better painting. Apologies for blurriness 
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