Medusa Halloween Costume Contest

Medusa was made using L200 foam, clay foam for the dragon scale armor on the back to create the bone ridges as well as on the tail just under the spike, spandex suit, latex, crin (tubing for snakes), L200 foam tubes for some snakes, 3 servo motors in the headdress with an Arduino control unit for movement of snakes on the headdress (unfortunately phone crashed and my video went with it).  The tail fully articulates and each section is connected using straps and backpack clamps on the tops and bottoms of the sections.  I painted her with Kryolan spray paint and Createx Wicked Colors airbrush paint.  The tail tip lights up blue and is made out of a different kind a transparent foam called plastizote.  For the makeup, which I don't have good photos of, I used 2 different color palettes from Juvia's Place.  This costume is ultralight and very comfortable, moves easily and is of my own design and construction.  She took 1 month of planning and 3 weeks to build.  
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