Beyond time creature / 2018 Halloween Costume Contest

I made this costume from a series I'm writing. I felt that a halloween costume must inspire some fear, discomfort, uneasyness 
or joy, fun and dark, so i used what i´ve wrote. And left the joy behind.  

"This creature is a being outside of time, and it is one among so many races that bend in human reality.
This race does not possess a physical body and hunts the human soul in certain conditions. To get close to its prey, it 
obtains parts to resemble the human figure and get closer. Many human concepts escapes from it´s  understanding, thus it mixes 
carcass with human flesh or similar pieces, it can not tell the difference between rotten or fresh, it can not understand 
flesh or anatomy, it just copy forms. This jaw is a dog skull could you see it? It needed a jaw and used that piece to replace 
Will usually appears in hospitals or cemeteries where it builds its camouflage, its vessel.
This one arrived in a hospital. The parts of the body are not reanimated, so they continue their decay.
They are not the most abundant, but it is one of the most effective. And more interesting to besiege.
Well, this is what hit your door today. 
And guys, you just wait to see the white spider"

The hunter-

(alas, sorry for my bad english)

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