World of Warcraft DK Varian Wrynn

I spent my Halloween with Blizzard friends this so decided to only make the one costume. It was started about 13 weeks ago with 350 hours put in to it so far.  It is based on art by Zach Fischer and is 100% made from scratch aside from boots and pants. The Skull adornments were hand sculpted from creature cast medium, pressure molded and then cold cast in 3 layers. The shoulders and animal faces were hand sculpted and slush cast. Hand dyed fur and custom leather work were also used. Makeup effect were done using rigid collodian and kryolan supra color uv day glo. Resin inlays were applies to all the cracks for added uv effect and light diffusion. More lighting affects are planned to be added as the costume is revisited and cleaned up.
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