Creepy scarecrow

This lil guy was based of an old Glam and Gore tutorial on youtube. (This one here.) The tutorial was just for the face, built directly on the skin, but I decided to take it further and instead create a full mask, as gluing burlap to my face did not sound like my idea of fun. The burlap mask is attached to a fitted fabric hood to allow the face and mouth to articulate, and it laces closed in the back. The hood also extends down the neck and chest and fits under the shirt, while the burlap lies on top of it, to keep the itchy burlap off my skin. I wore this guy over five hours in one stretch and stayed perfectly comfortable. The bloody, fleshy eye stringies are made from gelatin, which I piped into shape on a piece of parchment paper, and then sewed into the mask. 

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