Hello Workshop students!

Ask any further questions you have HERE!

Also put your final bids, final creature designs and anything you would like to have Shannon look at when he is making his final critiques for the class. All final Homework due Dec 23! 



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    Sorry fellows, I updated my revised bid but my pal Riccardo came up with another "unique" idea to be implemented in our design, so I'm revising our bid again and making another detail concept ;)
  • Shannon, please find attached our revised bid.
    This time I included the concept design you chose and wrote a description of both the creature and its unique features, like the harpoon appendages and another cool front appendage.

    Not spoiling the surprise though. Let me know what you think of our little addition to what the bad boy can do to its victims.

    Also, please let me know when you'd like to discuss the email I sent you yesterday.
    Thanks a bunch!

    The Pannaus Props team
  • Hey Fulvio!

    I checked out the drawing (which is VERY cool - great job Riccardo!) and I like the direction it is going!  I'll review the numbers and get back with you tomorrow evening (L.A. time).

  • Dear Mr Shannon Shea,
    I post my revised bid and my cover letter (I had forgotten to post it last week. I'm sorry). I am going to post my revised concept art later.
  • These are two of my concept art. I prefer to post them separately because of problems with the computer.
  • This is my last concept art.
  • Francesca -

    I love the design changes.  It is this attention to detail and your willingness to make changes that are the foundation of being a professional!  I salute you!  If this were the "real world" I'd ask you to add color and fabric swatches but let's NOT go there this time!  I look forward to your final bid (due tomorrow, L.A. time).  Thanks for taking the time to make the changes and execute them so well!

    Shannon Shea
  • Hey Everybody!

    I know it is the holiday season, but I REALLY need everyone to turn their bids in by tomorrow!  I'm committed to taking the time between Christmas and New Year's to review your bids and send out my reviews before 2015!

    Think of it like the last piece of business you have to do before the end of the year!


  • Hi Shannon,

    How close to $100,000 do we have to get? Right now I'm at $96,919. Do I have to add another $3000?
  • Dear Mr Shannon Shea,
    I post my final bid. I'll send a copy of my bid to Teresa in case that you cannot download the file. Thank you very much for all your advices.

    Francesca Scalesse

  •    Hay Shannon,
    Sorry about delay, but as you know I expected bid from pofesionals.....Ehhh it didn`t hapend, so after whaching almost all tutorials at Stan WInston youtube chanel I figure out how to give a life on my creature.( Btw after that I decide realy to give him a life and hope to end of January to be redy). About the pireces,   I`ve looked for something in the middle. This price gives me opputunity to avoid all the problem who will come across exept time and that remains me...Do we must put dead line or that comes from producer? and When we talk about thaht? Because if some one want someting for "yesterday" I think the price must be different and with is better?
     To tell him man you give very short time so the price i that? or
     To be gently and quietly rise the price?
    Thanks again about the knowledge and time you share whit us.
    Have a good day. 

  • Sent mine via email to you Teresa but here it is as a back-up as well.
  • Dear Mr. Shea,

    Attached on this comment is my final homework submission, I also sent the assignment VIA email to Teresa.

    Have a fantastic holiday, I look forward to hearing back from you!

    PS: I would love to talk to you about making a portfolio for college, if you have the chance. I'm planning to finish my essentials here in Chicago (If credits are transferable), then looking to transfer over to CalArts (Where quite a few people recommend me towards) to continue pursuing my career.

    Respectfully with the greatest gratitude,

    Connor Asher
  • Hey Shannon,

    Here is my final bid, top sheet and concept art (Don't worry I moved it's eye.) I also emailed this to Teresa just in case. In addition to this, I thought we had to send in our resumes to be reviewed at the end of week 2. I'm not sure if that was an actual homework or not but I would love your feedback on mine that I sent to Teresa but will post here as well. If I'm applying to "on set, applying beauty or sfx makeup" would this current resume work? If not, what kind of things should I work on to add to it. Also, how do I go about getting better paid gigs doing this type of job (other then craigslist, I've had my fill of those gigs in Seattle, not so much here in LA yet.)

    Thank you,

    Carmen Wilson
  • Hello Shannon,  

    Below you will find my reduced bid of 100,000 from my special effects.  As well as a rough sketch/concept of the creature designed by me.  But the creature design is incorporated into the bid and would be done by hired labor.  
  • I know I probably sounds weird, but I'm SO EXCITED to read your bids!!!
    Thanks everybody for turning them in!  Dimitar - don't worry about it.  I'm writing you a direct message within the next couple of days!


  • Happy Holidays to all of you!
    Just wanted to tell you that I've submitted all of your critiques to Teresa so I'm sure you'll be getting them via email just after Christmas!  I'm really happy to have had the opportunity to teach you all and I wish you all the best this season!
    Shannon Shea
  • Thank you very much, Mr Shannon Shea. Happy Holidays to you, too.
  • Thank You Shannon! As always, it's a pleasure to learn from you!  Merry Christmas Shannon!! xo And Happy Holidays to everyone in the class.  
    Julie LeShane
  • Marry Christmas to all. Wish you healthy body and strong will to chase your dreams. Happy holidays. 
  • my apologize for my misunderstanding on how the program works. I submitted to Teresa on the 23rd, but by email. Here was my final bid. Just so everyone can see.


    I promise to be more aware on how to be more efficient on the inter-web in the future. feeling dumb

  • Hey Aaron, man if you feel dumd what can I say. Don't worry shit happens. Btw I love the thought on your creature, it' s awsome.
    P.S I can't see your bid.
  • Thanks Dimitar. So true.

    It should be with in the PDF on the top sheet

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