Show Time and His Little Dummy

I had created this costume, silicone mask, and Latex dummy. For the silicone mask, I had sculpted it in water clay, molded in Ultracal 30, and cast the silicone with Eco Flex 30. I had painted it with slic pig silicone pigments and glued the hair on with silicone marine adhesive. For the gore on the costume I had used secret various of materials to create the wet, bumpy matter material. For the dummy, He is life size and super light. I had sculpted his head in Monster Makers Clay and molded it with Hydrocal. I then used monster makers latex to form the hollow head shell. When sculpting it, i had to design the inset mouth so I can puppet it. The body of the clown puppet is made with a series of hinges and pvc pipe. To get the thickness of the body, arms and legs, I used pool noodles, cardboard, duck tape, and mattress foam. One problem is that he don't listen very well as you can see in the video.

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