Okami Hanzo from Overwatch

This is my favorite character from the video game Overwatch. His name is Hanzo. I crafted every part of this costume besides the socks and underwear. I had to teach myself to sew, minor woodworking, LED work and how to form/sculpt form to match the cartoon look of the video game. The bow lights up in 4 places and pivot near the ends as I draw the bow. The Scatter Arrow can rotate while each shard are individually lit up as well. The headdress is made up of sculpted gym floor mat. Just like the rest of the armor and belt. The original is posted right blow this photo for a comparison. 


  • This is so amazing that you alone made this character by yourself, I don't know how hard it is for you but it looks great. And that weapons exactly made that where in a game, it's looks thrilling. You perfectly took all the important characters from the game but still in confusion how you made this? Are you still playing this game called Overwatch? Well, it is one of my favorite video game, as I always used to play my games in the multiplayer mode. Have you ever played Playerunknow's battlegrounds which is also played in a team, but the gamer can also go as a solo into battle royal. This game is all about the battleground, in which 100 players can fight with each other and last remaining team wins the game. Playing this game is like taking yourself to the next level of the gaming world. One of the important things about this is that this is PVP video game, previously all of my friends used to play their game in the multiplayer mode, they all inspired me to play a game. But it is true the gamer needs to have certain single-player experience to play a game in the multiplayer mode. This game can also be played on the Xbox, PS, iOS but I always used to play my games on the PC as I found it compatible to play all types of video game. One can easily play the high-end graphics video game in it. As we know that in this era of technology many game developers has come up with amazing new series as compared to its previous series. One can buy Playerunknown's battlegrounds to play in a multiplayer mode if interested in playing this online battle Royale video game. Well, there are other first-person shooter video game series like Destiny 2, Call of Duty which I used to play in my meantime. Playing this shooter video game is like taking yourself to the next level of the gaming world.

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