Original Concept Demon Sheep

Here is my Demon Sheep that I designed and fabricated for a local home haunt in Thousand Oaks, CA.
I drew a concept image first then sculpted the giant mask out of Chavant NSP Medium, I used about 5 bricks total. After that I molded the mask in two parts using Ultra-cal 30. I casted the mask in polyfoam slip latex using Smooth-on flex foam V and slip latex as the top layer. I painted the mask using Endura alcohol paints and the endura “undead” Alcohol makeup pallet. After I was happy with the colors I made a mixture of different flocking colors, applied a layer of pros- aide adhesive all over the face of the mask and hand flocked the hair. After that I hand punched and laid hair around the rest of the mask, then applied Ben Nye “prairie dust” dirt powder. I completed the mask in about two weeks total time and it was a complete blast! 
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