Sally from Nightmare!

This was for a costume contest at work! I got up at 4am and was done by 9! I did everything from customizing my dress and restyling the wig, I did my own makeup and body paint (using Mehron paradise paints and Sugarpill Cosmetics), I applied my stitches using twine from my moms craft supplies and used liquid latex from Party City to adhere it all together. I worked 9 hours in this and it looked just as good at the end of the day as I did when I had first applied it, super proud of myself for this one! I didn’t heavily paint my hands or arms because of work (didn’t want to get blue paint on anything!) but the cheap arm warmers worked for the time being, haha! And for the record, I won the contest!!! Woohoo! It had even gained me some popularity on Instagram, unfortunately I hadn’t watermarked the original images so they’re in a million different places, but oh well! I’m still proud!
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