Happy Harben

So this is just something I made up as I went along. I bought a bottle of liquid latex and painted this onto a polystyrene mannequin. Bulking out with cotton wool in places. I then melted my toddlers wax crayons to get the gouged out eye effect and running blood. This was originally just some dabbling for halloween. I have never made a latex mask before. Purely an experiment. Im looking to get more into special effects as part of my art hobbies. I have a media make up qualification from years ago. I started my hobbies back up after a few years of abstinence from having children. Now my kids have got a good bedtime and i have quit my office job to care for them i can enjoy this past time and hopefully make a fullfilling career in future. I call this Harben as they are my motivation. (harrison-benjamin)  inspired by horror and wednesday 13 lyrics. Anyone like my work feel free to check out Harben on facebook


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